Educate a Woman,Educate a Nation

Success won’t come until and unless an educated woman is walking with you.

Education is the only tool with which a girl or a woman can empower herself and eventually her family.

India has declared education as fundamental right but Even after declaring that, there are numerous hurdles that prohibit a girl child from actually getting education. The biggest hurdle is the prejudices that families have about girls—like girls are slow learners, they are not rational; they are to be confined inside the domestic household, and why bother about educating them. And the second hurdle is poverty. When these two hurdles combine together, a girl child in the family has to suffer. She has to sacrifice her happiness since childhood.

Only a handful of people have actually realized the importance of educating a girl. Though not a direct cause, the infamous dowry system is also another barrier in girl child education. Families often think of a girl as a burden and often want to save the money for their dowry rather than spending it on her education.

But the society need to understand one fact that a girl is no less than a boy; if anything, they are all the more diligent, hardworking and consistent in their effort towards anything. A girl should be educated in order to ensure a better life for herself. If she is empowered she would be in a condition to add on the income of the family, and raising the living condition of her family.

The saying from the Rig Veda, “the home has, verily, its foundation in the wife.” Denotes that , An educated mother can give better care to her children. Since she is the first teacher of the child, she is ought to be well versed to inculcate better value system in the child. An ignorant mother would not understand the idea of proper hygiene and sanitation leading to lack of proper care of the child—malnourishment is a living example of this problem.

Government is taking various steps to improve the society, but thing we need to change is Ourselves. We need to change our thinking , we need to be more open and help others to understand the importance of education. Since the world is changing, so everyone is in need of an Educated daughter, sister, mother & wife. Because success won’t come until and unless an educated woman is walking with you.

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