Angels On Earth

Everytime he gave her a chocolate removing the wrapper,
He was the one, her so called uncle… Her cloth draper.
On a little pretty angel, he kept a tap..
Covering her mouth tight with his hands,
He made her bounce on his lap.

Giving the little boy some cookies and toasts,
His so called aunt would tear off all his clothes!
His teacher complained that it was the classes that he used to bunk,
Little did she know, it was because he had to hide the scars..
Which were made by his father who was drunk.

She at 18, was already a mother of a baby..
One thing she and her child shared in common was their father…
Yes, it was her father who raped her that night,
Resulting in loosing her virginity!

Ladies & Gentlemen, I’d like to take two minutes of your busy schedule and draw your attention to a very important, delicate, ongoing issue that is CHILD ABUSE! Why does one support child abuse? Why would you do something miserable to a small young baby? I’m sure reading the above message might have given shivers down your spine. Raise your voice against child abuse. If you see any such child going through such terrible activities, do not sit quite. Please contact us. Help him/her in every possible way. There are some common symptoms which may help you to understand that a child is going through something horrible, which are:

  1. Sudden introvert behavior
  2. Sudden development of fear from a particular person, thing or place.
  3. Marks on or near private parts of their bodies.
  4. Unnecessary crying or throwing tantrums.
  5. Nightmares or not able to sleep properly.
  6. Lack of attention towards studies, talks or discussions.
  7. Sudden lack of interest in their favorite activities such as television, hobbies, etc.

Please do not avoid any of the symptoms if you see any child behaving in the said manner. Let’s fight against child abuse and make this world a better and peaceful place for our children to live in.

– Shweta Shah
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