Men Are Not Born To Be Labeled !

Girls talk about women abuse and its okay for them to slap a

guy just because she THOUGHT he isn’t listening to her

When a man rapes women, millions of them are judged and labeled as ” All Men are same” . Be it from women publicly abusing a man from a man slapping women for labeling him as Pimp, Men are always seen as the culprit for all the causes , and then people talk about Gender Equality ? Why be so dual? This is not something which is new, it has become a cause, a cause which is neglected.

A woman is mistreated, bullied, abused, harassed has right for Justice but when a man goes through the similar situation he is somewhere judged and suspected. Why it happens that we compare our individual perceptions with GENDER and categorize and label on the basis of it?

When a man asks for dowry he becomes bad but when a woman leaves the man for money and throws him away she is still considered to be ANGELIC AND STRONG. Strong women will never play with someone or be with someone because she knows who she is and how to handle herself exactly on point. Why has it always happened that because of one’s mistake many are suffering? Even when they are innocent?

It is wrong to judge a women’s character and should always be respected no matter how badly she treats you but when only such women label a man as  Sex Addicts with no Love , Pimp , Chauvinist, Egoistic bastards all of the sudden everything seems so right why?

A man rejects a woman because he cannot love her is accused but if a woman rejects a man it seems to be normal. Men do have authority to choose between what he wants and what he does not want. There are women out who are falsely accusing men of raping her even if he didn’t do it why? Because she wants to take revenge and make his life a hell for rejecting her, what will you say to her? ANGELIC? or PSYCHOPATH?

The main objective about this topic is to aim gender equality in the true sense, not always woman is right and not always a man is wrong. There is the man who respects a woman first then loving and adoring her , who don’t crave for sex , who just wants to be your companion forever and love you to the moon and back . We are born in the liberal country like India who has provided us our rights and freedom for every individual and not men. Individual perception has nothing to do with gender and intentions which are mixed by sexes to accuse each other. Don’t label all because of few sick people now be it, man or woman.

If the women you are interacting with consistently saying that you are like all other men, then you need to look at the common factor in all those situations.

You! The next time you hear it, if you are getting dumped or rejected, instead of assuming all women are the same; thank them for letting you know.

It is well said that ” A Bitter Woman says that * All are same * but a wise woman decides to stop choosing the same type of men.”

The World will be a better place if you focus on being Equal rather than being Sexist .

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