Aarna Foundation has always believed that underprivileged kids must receive quality education in order to make their lives privileged. Unfortunately there are many kids studying in extremely challenging conditions, that they are unable to pay their fees, buy school books or even attend school because of lack of facilities. We feel very proud of those schools, which are trying their best to run in every possible adverse conditions and give the less privileged children the education that they deserve. But while doing this, lack of money and other basic infrastructures become challenge. We adopt auch schools, which have place to teach the kids but unfortunately are unable to provide them with uniforms, school books and stationary. Whether be it paying the fees of some less privileged children or be it providing stationary and uniform, as well as providing food if required, we take care of maximum possible things with the help of generous sponsors. We always request volunteers to step forward and help us in this challenge. There are many kind hearted people around, who adopt a couple of children’s basic school requirements via Aarna Foundation, hence making their educational journey worthwhile!