Education is every child’s birth right. Unfortunately, there are too many kids who go to school but do not get basic stationary such as notebooks, pencils, erasers, pens, colour boxes, school bags etc. There are times when the kids do not even have text books even though they wish to study and appear for exams. We, in Aarna Foundation, are trying our best to reach out to many such kids in every possible way. We distribute stationary material free of cost, amongst the kids living in slums as well as less privileged kids studying in government schools. Each year, we organize a Diwali kit distribution program which includes the above mentioned stationary.
More than 1000 kids have benefitted from this Happy Diwali Kit program. Every kit costs of approximately ₹50. The stationary kit suffices their annual requirement. Sponsors have helped us in this activity of ours. We aim to reach out to maximum students, so that their wish to study is fulfilled and doesn’t get affected because of lack of stationary. Each year we aim to target double the count of previous year!