Sponsor Food on Death Anniversary / Birthdays or Any Special Occasion

AARNA FOUNDATION will help you to conduct food donation on the death anniversary of your near and dear ones. Round the year, we conduct thousands of food donation drives on death anniversaries as per request of our donors. We usually place a small placard along with a few details of the person whose death anniversary food drive is being conducted.

Please feel free to get in touch with our team to conduct a food donation on the death anniversary of your loved ones.

At AARNA FOUNDATION CENTER, a Birthday celebration is one of the ways to keep yourself and others happy by celebrating with orphanage children. We welcome you to celebrate birthday with our kids and leave with them a memorable moments which keep them happy for a long time.

You can celebrate your birthdays, children’s birthday, friend’s birthday, family special occasion and many other important events with our orphanage children in Thane.

We as a charity encourage donors to come forward to spend their valuable time and make these children happy and make them feel that 

they too are one among us. You can donate new toys, new dress, stationaries or support financially to make the occasion more memorable.

Surplus Food

No Food Waste is an edible food Recovery Project which serves the surplus excess foods from Weddings, Parties, and other events, to the hungry and deprived. This is achieved through our contact number in the City along with a dedicated collection Mini Van. The system works thus. Once we receive a call from the donor at our contact no, we reach the respective collection point with our volunteers and necessary access.

Aarna foundation provide food for underprivileged people who struggle to manage even on a meal in day we aim ‘towards zero food wastage and utilize the surplus food for feeding the needy.

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