When we speak of women’s liberation or women empowerment, we must speak of the basic health concern related to them and that is their menstruations. Too many people in our country still consider menstruations as a taboo. Many women have been suffering unhygienically during their menstrual cycles. In previous times, women used to wear cloth pads and reuse them by washing them. But that definitely didn’t assure hygiene and health. It’s true that newly designed sanitary napkins have become a grave danger to the environment, because they are neither elements of wet waste nor dry. Hence their disposal has become a major issue. We, in Aarna Foundation, have tried our best to give the women living in the slums as well the low income ladies, the freedom from ill healths due to unhygienic sanitary clothes. We distribute sanitary napkins amongst the less privileged ladies which are made from cotton and a cloth. We are now working on the disposal techniques of these sanitary napkins. The distribution of sanitary napkins is either free or at a negligible cost depending on the targeted class. Renowned sponsors have helped us achieve this freedom. We are striving to arrange a machine which will convert the used sanitary napkins into a manure of a useful sort ! If we succeed in it, we aim to plant these machines in maximum possible slums.