GreenYoungsters is an initiative taken by Aarna Foundation and it consists of a big group of children, who have pledged to clean the different areas in Thane city. We, as responsible adults in the NGO, help the children in their mission, by creating an awareness amongst the people living in various areas, regarding wet waste and dry waste as well as many other aspects of cleanliness and appropriate garbage disposals. The officials from TMC help the children by providing them with dustbins as well as sending the garbage collection vehicle, from time to time. Sponsors too help the children, by providing funds for buying gloves, masks, brooms, mosquito repellent creams, providing snacks and water. Children from other schools too have joined the cause. All the children who participate in this cleanup are called as the GreenYoungsters.

Our aim is to make the children realize the destruction that has been caused till date by one and all by throwing plastic and other types of garbage in an irresponsible manner on the roads and in the gutters. This type of careless behavior shown by too many citizens has been the root cause of water logging during rainy season and pollution of the different water bodies. The children wish to create an awareness amongst other children, so that when they become 18+ years of age, they will be responsible citizens of this country and will pass on the good deeds to the upcoming generations. Approximately 125 children have joined this cleanup drive. They enthusiastically join the cleanup at 7.30am on every Sunday.

Thane being a City of Lakes, has lost it’s beauty and charm because of overflowing gutters and plastic dumps inside the lakes. The children have pledged to clean the lakes at the earliest and restore it’s beauty. GreenYoungsters is the first cleanup group in Thane which is entirely run by the children!