Over the span of two years, we have been testing the Ion Shower Heads. During this course , we have received lot of positive feedback from the people who voluntarily participated in Ion Shower test program. Here is what some of them have to say in their testimonials:

“Hi! This is Malini Kelkar Age 39 from Mumbai. I am suffering from acute asthma since childhood. I was really fed up of frequent asthma attacks and with ever growing city pollution I used to find it difficult to breathe during nights. So I was quiet addicted to heavy medication, inhalers and nebulizers and their side effects.

When I started using Ion Shower I was quiet skeptical but to my surprise I started getting results from first night. I got sound sleep. And slowly frequency of attacks became very less. Now I feel far more better than before.”

“Hi! This is Milind Deshmukh age 42 from Thane. I was diagnosed for asthma in my teens. And I was facing many difficulties in work and routine life due to frequent asthma attacks. I tried all allopathic and alternate medicines but nothing really worked for me and I was largely dependent on heavy doses of steroids.

But after using Ion Shower my life has changed. I got great relief from frequent attacks and now I carry Ion shower with me wherever I go.”

“Hi! This is Anil Shah age 47 from Mumbai and I am chronic allergy patient. My nostrils used to get blocked very frequently and as a result I used to be dull all the time. Sometimes it used to lead to allergic cough and cold .And with Mumbai’s pollution, life was just like a hell due to sleepless nights.

But after I started using Ion Shower allergy attacks have come down to nil. And now I feel fresh and very very happy.”

“Hi! This is Sunil Patil age 39 from Mumbai. And I have an allergy problem related to respiratory system. As a Govt. officer my job is to deal with lots of papers, files and dust. So I used to get frequent allergy attacks at my workplace and my work, health and concentration was affecting a lot.

As soon as I started using Ion Shower in my office cabin frequency of allergy attacks are waning. Now I have started using it in my bedroom. Thanks to Ion shower for great relief.”

“Hi This is Sheetal Lakhani age 37 from Mumbai. I am suffering from migraine since last 20 years. I have tried all doctors and medications but migraine attacks remained regular feature in my life and nothing really changed. And life was almost unbearable till I was introduced to Ion Shower. Unbelievable but true my migraine attacks have gone down by 75%.”

“Hi This Is Anant P. Sathe age 60 from Mumbai and I am suffering from Insomnia since last 10 years. I never used to get silent and sound sleep so I was addicted to sleeping pills. It was taking heavy toll on my physical and mental health. But after I was introduced to Ion Shower I have started experiencing sound sleep all over again and now it is bye bye to sleeping pills and sleepless nights.”

We, Thosh, swish to state that our Ion Shower Heads do not cure or guarantee to cure Asthma, Respiratory diseases, Allergy, Migraine, Insomnia and blood pressure. They are lifestyle and chronic diseases, which can be controlled/ prevented not cured.With our product one can experience negative ion therapy that only helps to keep in check and control disease causing bacteria, fungus, virus and various type of pollutants in your surroundings. Hence, it can help to reduce causes which trigger attacks of above-mentioned chronic diseases. Patients suffering from chronic ailments and low immunity can use our products.
The amount paid for Ion Shower device will be non-refundable. The Ion Shower will be couriered & delivered to your address within 10-15 working days from the date of payment received.