What makes your house a home? Firstly, how many of you understand the difference between a home and a house? I think, only a handful of us are able to understand the difference. Family love and bonding makes your house a home. It makes four walls a beautiful, small, little world to live and not just exist. So, how can one literally think of throwing the home out of our house? Just because they’re ageing, they need tad bit more of your attention or they are suffering from a disease, you will leave them in the midst of this cruel world? When they need you the most, you will step back and not help your own family?

Well, to be honest, yes, at times they can literally be a pain. Their behavior can affect not only you but also the surroundings. Your expenses might take a higher place in the graph of your budget. But you owe them! It is your responsibility from which you just cannot run away. Do not leave your Parents or Grand Parents in old age home, when they have their own home. Do not play with their mental stability. We recently had been to an Old Age Home and trust me, you just cannot stop yourself from going home, hugging your parents & grandparents tight and tell them how much you love them. Just don’t hold them physically tight but also assure them a mental stability by giving them all possible love and support.

I am sure you must be wondering why I am emphasizing more on ‘Mental Stability’. Allow me to explain. When we visited the old age home, I was highly touched. But there were a few people from there who are just stuck in my mind.

There was a lady who happened to be an actress in Bollywood at a time. No, not because of drugs that she was here. Fate had another plan for her. She had been molested by a few inhuman in the industry. That has left an impact on her mind in such a way that she still behaves like an actress every moment. There was a man who was working with Bombay Stock Exchange at a decorated designation into Finance. He still is updated with the current market scenario and advises everyone to invest in the company that is performing the best.

They taught us how to walk and they have spent sleepless nights just to ensure that we sleep peacefully. Now, it’s our turn to treat them like a baby and never leave them, may what come. Remember one thing; your kids will learn observing your actions. If you show a way out of your home to your parents, they might end up doing the same with you someday.

Because if you won’t love and support your family at their weakest, who else will?

Be Human. Be Kind. After all, it’s all about loving your family.

– Shweta Shah

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