Aarna Foundation-FIRST ANNUAL EVENT on 6th March, 2016.

What is more beautiful than a blooming flower; what is more charming than a lovely sunset? I hope you guessed it right—yes, it is a smile on a kid’s face!

The smile is “the symbol that is rated with the highest positive emotional content” concludes scientist Andrew Newberg.  Yes, to bring that Smile, we at Aarna Foundation are coming up with our FIRST ANNUAL EVENT on 6th March, 2016.

The annual function has its own charm and the students give their contribution very enthusiastically. The schools celebrate many functions like children’s day, teacher’s day, science exhibition, annual day etc which not only make students happy but also motivate them to do good and be good. As our students are not fortunate enough to attend such school events, we have decided to conduct an ANNUAL DAY program just like other schools to motivate our kids and to bring smiles on their faces.

In association with ABC little pre-primary school and with the help of our mentors, we are conducting this Annual Day Program which will be headed by our respected MLA’s and many other celebrities. The schedule of the program is as follows:-

  • Prayer
  • Dance
  • Singing
  • Comedy Act
  • Awards and Recognitions

We would like to invite you and bless us for the grand event of Aarna Foundation.  The passes for the event cost Rs.200 /- only.

You buy one pass, you educate one child.

Please donate Rs.200 and buy a pass even if you are NOT able to attend  the event. Just drop a message that you won’t be able to attend, and we will give your Entry Pass to one slum kid, so that he will be able to attend his first dream event. Isn’t it amazing? Can we Alone Change the world into World of Happiness? Can we do that?


A smile has special powers. it is a contagious thing.
Give to the world and the world will give back to you.
Smile at the world and the world will smile back at you.
You will brighten the days of those around you and make a difference in their lives… simply by smiling!

So come and join hands with us and let us together make this event a grand one by spreading smiles, happiness  and love.


Venue: Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar Hall, Hiranandani Meadows, Thane (w)
For bookings & payments connect us on
Mobile: – +91 7678040799
Email-ID: – aarnafoundation01@gmail.com

Thanks for giving your precious time for reading this.
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